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Published: 05th August 2011
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The biggest worry of a parent, after his or her child is born, is his education. They start making a list of good schools, colleges then viable career options. It is very important to make the right career choice in order to succeed in life. Thanks to technology and exposure, no career is considered inferior. Even those career options, which were not given importance earlier, are now in high demand due to need of precision in every field of work.

Here are few most demanding career fields-


A career in banking is the most preferred one by most of the students. The notion that only students from commerce background can get into this career has changed and at present the maximum number of people who have achieved excellence in this field are from different streams.

Chartered Accountancy

With the flourishing success in the finance sector and accounts there is immense need for Chartered Accountants which has increased their demand and thereby their value. A career in Chartered Accountancy is the shortcut to gain respect, status and success. . A good chartered accountant has to be well versed in taxation, Auditing and accounting. Having good mathematical skill is a pre-requisite. These days every company, banks or even small businesses need chartered accountants. One has to pass the examinations held by Indian chartered accountancy of India in order to be licensed as a chartered accountant and get appointed in any job.

Company Secretary

One tends to think a Company Secretary is the one who does the Secretarial work, however this is sheer lack of knowledge about this field. A Company Secretary is a legal advisor to any company, and holds high value.

Mass communication

It is one of the career options where the intelligence quotient need not be high. Confidence and Personality are the key words in this field. In India there are numerous colleges that provide courses for mass communication, where students are worked upon their personality, skills, competence and leadership qualities

Career in foreign languages

With globalization and the international market at its peak, a career in foreign languages is considered to be very promising. Interpreters and guides are required everywhere. Foreign languages help you know about various countries and their cultures. One can also take up teaching as a foreign language tutor and also work in embassies.

Above-mentioned career options are growing with fast pace and attracting the youth. They have many exciting and enthralling job opportunities to offer.

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